It was a wild ride for the r/pizzagate subreddit when the site posted a story about the alleged sexual abuse of a girl in Washington, D.C. on Aug. 4.

Within days, the story garnered more than 17,000 upvotes, more than 3,000 comments, and hundreds of upvotes from Reddit’s top moderators.

The story was the subject of intense discussion on Reddit and elsewhere.

“A lot of people had been asking us for some time about the possibility that someone had been trying to do this, and the only way we could be sure was to look into it ourselves,” moderator alexis_loves_my_pizzas wrote in a post about the story, which has since been removed.

“We can confirm that a reddit user named Dwayne was responsible for creating this story.”

Dwayne, who went by the username “Dwayne”, created the story in response to the rape allegations against actress Ashley Judd, a close confidante of President Donald Trump, according to The Washington Post.

The post was about the time that Reddit banned user /u/a_guy_and_a_woman, an account that has since moved to r/news, a subreddit devoted to Reddit’s trending news.

/u/_a_girl_wanted_to_go_to__the_party_and/ “It was a story that people were asking for, and it was so out there that it became an obsession,” said /u_a, who added that the post attracted hundreds of comments.

“The fact that it got so much attention on Reddit made me want to dig in more.

So I just did my own investigation and started doing some digging.

I was amazed that I had found what I found.

I wanted to see if there was anything I could do about it.”

The story came to light when /u _a_ girl_wants_to go_ to the_pizza_party and/ “A few hours after posting, the post was taken down,” a Reddit spokesperson said.

“Reddit removed the post, and Reddit has no further comment on the matter.”

Reddit’s spokesperson told National Geographic that Reddit is investigating the story and taking appropriate action.

/r/pizzaagate subreddit is a popular subreddit for people to share information about the pizza conspiracy theory, including stories and images that purport to show pizza-related sexual abuse.

/s/piggy_britches is a picture of a dog with a piggy bank on its forehead and a caption reading “pizza is a pig.”

/s/_a is a link to the Reddit page that posted the story.

The Reddit page also posted links to images of pizzas allegedly purchased by an unnamed “white” woman.

The page posted that the pizzas were purchased at an unnamed store in Pennsylvania and were not labeled as “white,” despite being sold as such.

/t/pissing_turtle is a photo of a frog with a turtle in its mouth and a picture captioned “A pixilated turtle.”

The post has since received more than 11,000 downvotes and more than 4,000 likes.

/v/pigsandpizza also includes the following image: /v/_a /r/_a “A friend of mine and I went to a pizza place,” wrote /v_a on /r_a.

“At one point, we ordered a pizza and when we left, we were told by the waitress that we should have ordered a whole pizza instead of just the one pizza.”

The same post also features an image of a pizza, labeled “White pizza,” and a link pointing to a Reddit post about how a pizzeria owner in Texas refused to serve a black man.

/w/porn_pig is a screenshot of a post that features a picture that shows a man’s penis and captioned, “A picture of two guys.”

/v is a subreddit that is dedicated to Redditors sharing pictures of naked people.

/x/pigeonsandpizzaperson is a post from /r and has a photo that shows two pigeons and a man.

The title is “A pigeon and a guy.”

/y/pogaboo is a Reddit discussion post that describes a “pog-a-doodle-loo” and includes a picture.

/z/pony_dog is a photograph of a white dog and caption that reads, “a white dog.”

The image is a photoshopped image of the dog.

The Post contacted Reddit for comment but did not receive a response.

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