A Minecraft server has now been upgraded to 1.9 and now includes a host of new features.

In a blog post, Mojang says the update, 1.7, now includes the new ‘Empowered Enderchest’ mod that can be used to create items that can only be crafted with the help of Ender-tech.

The mod has been developed by a number of different people and is being tested by Minecraft servers around the world, Mojange said.

It now comes with support for ‘EnderCraft-compatible’ players and ‘Minecraft-compatible’, which means it can also be used with servers that use other mods.

“The most notable new feature is the ability to run multiple instances of the server at once, which allows you to have up to two instances running at once,” the blog post read.

“With this feature, you can now play multiple instances simultaneously, even if the server is currently in the process of running a new version of Minecraft.”

Mojang said the update will also make Minecraft server management easier.

It will now allow you to quickly switch between server instances by dragging and dropping the servers icon from the status bar.

Minecraft servers have long been known to be slow, but Mojang has now confirmed that a server can be upgraded in a few seconds by using the new command line.

“Once you have a server up and running, the Minecraft server manager will automatically switch between all your server instances and make sure the game is always running at the optimal speed for the game,” Mojang said.

“If you want to speed up the game even further, the server manager can even set the game to run at a different speed, or change the game’s sound level.”

A Minecraft server is still in beta and there are many things that need to be tested before the update is ready to roll out, Mojanger said.

But Mojang did say it is still “looking for ways to make the Minecraft experience even better” and is working to improve server performance.

Mojange said the Minecraft servers are now working on a “bug fix” and will be in a public beta stage for “a couple of weeks”.

Minecraft is one of the oldest and most popular games in the world.

Mojang is also one of its largest investors.

Mountain of Ashes update, 2.1 is coming out soon, Minecraft Server will become Minecraft Server.

This update is available to download now.

More to come.

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