It’s a question many of us asked ourselves last week when it emerged that anime discord was one of the most popular on the site.

But it turns out it’s not quite the most commonly used.

We asked Discord users who use the service to explain their favourite anime, and it turns to be a little more complicated than it first appears. 

One person, called Seth, explains why the anime he likes most is Akira.

“The story of Akira and his love interest Natsumi are the most epic and action-packed anime in the world,” Seth wrote.

“It’s really hard to find a more realistic, well-written, and entertaining anime.”

Seth went on to say that he prefers Akiru, which is a light-hearted and optimistic anime about a young girl who’s being bullied at school.

Another person, named Ethan, explains that he enjoys Gintama, a light, comedic, comedy-themed anime about an eccentric but good-hearted boy who discovers a secret.

“It’s a really unique anime series that has some really great comedy and action, but it also has a lot of drama,” Ethan wrote.

“This is probably my favourite anime on the website and I really enjoy watching it.”

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