The service now allows users to add a Discord server name to their discord server list, but it’s not yet clear whether this will be an option for everyone.

While we don’t have a lot of details about what features Discord will offer when it releases to the public, this feature has been on the list of things to do over the past few weeks.

Users can also now add a “personal” account for themselves, with Discord telling TechCrunch that users will have the ability to “delete personal accounts from your account, or remove your account entirely”.

Discord will also let you set a “private message”, which you can access by selecting “Show private messages”.

The feature will only be available to users who already have a Discord account.

For now, you can also add a new Discord account and delete one from it without deleting a new account.

It’s not clear whether you can delete an existing account without changing the name.

The service says the new account will be automatically deleted when you delete the original.

Users will also be able to delete multiple accounts, with the ability for up to two accounts to be shared on a single Discord account, and the ability not to be deleted at all.

Users can also share and organize their accounts, adding a group, and adding users.

Users also have the option to add “discord friends”, allowing users to invite each other to a private server.

It will be a simple process for adding a new server, but users can also invite other users, which is helpful when you need to send a message in a hurry.

If you’re new to Discord, there are also some helpful tutorials.

The new feature will likely be limited to users in the US and Canada, with users in Europe and South America coming soon.

You can check out our full breakdown of Discord’s new features on the official Discord site.

Discord has also released the official beta release of the service.

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