An article in the Times of India has revealed that it has gone a step further to explain how you can get the pizza that you are after without having to resort to pizza sauce.

In the article, the article’s author, a senior journalist, explains that the sauce used in a pizza is not necessarily the same as the sauce that is used in the sauce you use to make the pizza.

The author adds that even though a pizza has a sauce, there are many different types of sauces that can be used.

It is just like a pizza, but this time, the sauce is different.

“The difference is in the ingredient and its ratio,” he said.

“Pizza sauce is made from chicken, and it has a higher ratio of sodium to fat, which makes it taste a bit better than chicken.”

He explains that there are two kinds of chicken: chicken and beef.

Beef has a high sodium content.

“This is what you want to keep in mind.

Chicken and beef have a higher amount of salt than chicken and other vegetables.

You want to avoid it,” he added.

The writer goes on to explain that the difference in the ratio of the chicken and the beef has to do with the moisture content of the two chicken pieces.

He further says that this is why you need to use more chicken than beef.

“It is important to note that you cannot just use chicken, but also beef.

The meat has a different amount of fat, so it can be thicker.

But it can also be thinner, and that is what is going to give a pizza a different flavour,” he explains.

The article concludes by explaining that you can easily get the sauce without using chicken.

“It is not a matter of buying a sauce from a store.

There are several websites that offer pizza sauces that you could also buy for Rs. 6 to Rs. 8, depending on your taste,” the author explains.

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