A few years ago, a startup called Discord Server, a place where users would share video and music with each other, took off.

Now, it has grown to nearly 2 million users and a $1.5 billion valuation.

It’s also one of the largest digital media networks in the world, with a monthly audience of more than 40 million people.

So how does it do it?

A Discord server’s basic function is simple: it lets you connect to other people and share content.

You can ask for music, watch a video, or browse your friends’ content.

The idea is to create a virtual network of like-minded people who all share the same interests.

When you join a server, you can invite other people to join in.

A simple Discord server doesn’t offer much in the way of social features, but it can be very effective at getting people together and connecting.

A good Discord server, then, could serve as a way for a budding media producer or filmmaker to share a story or build a community of friends.

In addition to sharing content, you’ll also be able to create your own private message threads and chat rooms.

(It’s possible to create private chats, too, but this is more for the seasoned professional.)

You can create private messages, too.

But the real magic comes when you connect with your friends, and they can join you in sharing their content as well.

To do this, you need to know a little bit about how Discord works.

Discord servers use an API that lets you access content, like songs or movies, and ask users to “play” a specific song or movie to the other party.

(This process is called “play-by-play,” and it’s a bit like making a recording of a TV show.)

Discord’s servers are not limited to just video, though.

It can host chatrooms, and it can even create custom message boards for certain groups.

It has also created a platform for developers to build online games, including a game called Discord: The Game.

But how does Discord make money?

In short, you do.

“Discord is a social network that makes money through video,” explains Andrew Gildea, the founder and CEO of the company.

“When you join the server, it’ll ask you to add a video you’d like to see in the chat room.

The server will then charge you for the video.”

It also lets you rate other people’s videos and upload your own clips.

“The revenue that we get from the video is really based on our user base,” Gildean says.

“It’s based on how many users are playing.”

That revenue depends on what kind of content is being shared, which is one of its biggest draws.

For example, video creators might make a lot of money from hosting private chats in their own private rooms, but when they share video with the world outside, it’s not necessarily that popular.

Instead, they’ll likely make money through subscriptions to a video-sharing service.

This model also helps explain how Discord can grow so quickly.

When a user clicks on a link on a Discord server to share their video with friends, the server will make them an offer for a paid subscription.

The subscriber then pays the $10 per month to get access to their account.

This subscription model is similar to what Facebook offers for its own videos, and the platform’s revenue growth has been fueled by the popularity of the service.

According to data from Quantcast, Discord’s revenue has tripled since 2012.

The platform has also attracted a lot more users and users who are younger than 18.

So, what’s next for Discord?

Discord is currently building a new service called Discord Mobile, which it says is launching this year.

“We believe this will be the biggest platform for media creators and creators of all ages to share video, music, and chat, and that it will serve as the gateway to the broader community,” Gedda says.

But in the meantime, Discord is looking to expand its audience, which, as Gilde notes, is “a very active and growing audience.”

He also thinks that the company will need to make more efforts to make its products more appealing to users and advertisers.

In 2016, for example, the company added an ad-free version of its platform, which could help it expand its reach and get more users.

And Geddas says that, for the time being, Discord will continue to provide a free service.

“Our main goal is to make a decent product that people can enjoy,” Geadas says.

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