Microsoft will announce a major overhaul of its consoles later this year, including a switch to a single-core GPU for the Xbox One and a switch from Xbox One S to the PS4 Pro.

In a blog post today, the company said that the Xbox’s new hardware will offer more performance and lower power consumption, and that the new consoles will be fully-fledged PCs that are “full fledge consoles in terms of hardware and software.”

The Xbox One will feature two CPU cores, a four-core CPU and a six-core graphics processor.

The PS4 will feature four cores, two CPU, four graphics processors and an eight-core memory controller.

The new Xbox One X will feature three CPU cores and a seven-core video processor, and the new PS4 X will include three CPU, six graphics processors, and a 12-core GDDR5 memory controller, the Wall Street News reports.

Microsoft will announce the new Xbox at its Gamescom press conference on Friday, and will also release a new “Xbox Elite” gaming console that will feature the same gaming horsepower as the Xbox Elite X and will feature a 10GB GDDR5 graphics chip.

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