Posted September 16, 2018 10:31:16 A Minecraft server is down for more than an hour, but the game appears to be running fine, according to a statement by Mojang.

The server is experiencing a maintenance outage due to maintenance that was initiated due to a bug.

Mojang has not yet provided a detailed explanation for why the maintenance outage occurred, but it is believed to be a server crash.

The company is working to restore the server as soon as possible, Mojang said.

Mojang says it is aware of a server maintenance issue that was discovered on September 11 and is working on resolving the issue.

Mojango also said it is working with its customers to provide a patch for the Minecraft server to fix the server crash issue.

Mozilla, which makes the popular Minecraft game, has been facing criticism for a number of years for not fixing server problems, even when they occur.

A number of issues have cropped up over the years with Minecraft’s game server.

For instance, the company said last year that the game servers were down because of a bug in the Minecraft engine that made the game unable to run on older computers.