In December of 2017, a user from the Reddit community Discord was banned from using the service.

The user was also banned from posting on the platform for three days after the ban was lifted.

The ban came after the user, who goes by the Reddit name ‘TheDumbestFucker’, began to use the platform to discuss various issues.

After discussing how he was being targeted by anti-Trump demonstrators, TheDumbenedUp user began to see a trend of hate and violence in his community.

After months of discussion, Discord was eventually banned from the platform.

On Monday, The DumbenedUp posted on his personal subreddit, r/reddit, that Discord had been banned from Reddit.

In his post, The DumbedUp wrote that Discord was being shut down because it is “part of a community where we are not allowed to discuss anything but hate and racism.”

The subreddit is one of the most popular Reddit communities, with nearly 100 million subscribers.

“We have been seeing the same pattern of racism, misogyny, and anti-blackness that is endemic in our community.

This was only the beginning,” TheDubbedUp wrote.

TheDubedUp also wrote that the Reddit ban “doesn’t really matter” because it doesn’t affect his life.

“If anything, it makes me want to keep using Discord because it will keep my account safe and secure.”

Discord has been widely criticized for its alleged moderation policies.

In the months since TheDabu’s post, users have been posting about their experiences with Discord, the platform and the community at large.

In an article on Medium titled ‘Reddit is a hate machine’: The subreddit r/TheDubs has been inundated with racist and sexist slurs and threats.

On Tuesday, r/?reddit is receiving more than 2,000 posts of threats, according to the subreddit’s moderators.

After a week of Reddit banning a subreddit dedicated to discussing topics related to politics, The Reddit community was left reeling.

On Reddit, a community of about 300 million users, Reddit has the largest user base of any site.

The subreddit TheDubs had nearly 6,000 subscribers.

Many of the posts were directed at r/?reddits moderators, who have faced criticism for not taking action on hateful content.

When TheDUBs posts were taken down, many users felt that their posts were censored.

In response, the community set up a GoFundMe page, r?reddit, which raised over $50,000.

Many users also felt that the subreddit was unfairly targeted because r/?s moderators had posted messages in support of Trump, while r/?ss moderators were critical of Trump.

Some of the moderators have also criticized the site for banning members of the community, which has led to backlash from some users.

Reddit has since stated that it was not banning the subreddit.

At the time of this article’s publication, r.?reddit has raised over 1,200 dollars, with the goal of raising the funds to repair the subreddit, its servers, and the subreddit itself.

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