Aksy Games, the developer behind popular online sports games such as League of Legends and Hearthstone, has launched an esports competition called Aksyno.

The competition will allow players to compete in both League of Legend and Hearthstone tournaments, which require the participation of at least one other player.

The esports competition, which will be run by a third party, is currently being tested by the Aksym Games team, but the company is aiming to roll it out to other teams soon.

The launch comes just days after the announcement of the launch of an esports division for the popular mobile game League of Heroes.

The company announced the partnership with the esports division of the esports giant Riot Games in April.

“We’re delighted to work with Riot Games, a global leader in esports,” said Aksiy Games’ CEO Thomas Ritter.

“Our teams are working hard on bringing the game to the world.

They have been working with our esports team since our first announcement in August.”

The new esports league will be launched in three phases: Phase 1 will allow teams to sign up for a tournament, which is to be held in Europe and Australia.

The tournament will be hosted on Aksyon’s server and will be open to all registered players of the game.

Phase 2 will be a tournament that will be held exclusively on the AKSYS platform.

Phase 3 will allow participants to play the game through the official AksYNO app.

Phase 1 phase will be available from May 18.

The players will have to play a series of 30 games to win the tournament.

Phase II will be played from June 7.

Participants will be able to join the tournament once they have played 15 games and their team has won the tournament series.

The league will run until June 14, with the winner taking home $1,000.

Phase III will start from June 21.

AksY Games has previously hosted an esports tournament, the ESL One Cologne tournament, in August and the Esports Championship in September.

The team has also previously hosted tournaments for Call of Duty and Overwatch, and they also hosted a competition for Dota 2.

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