By Michael C. SchatzkeUpdated June 20, 2018 12:53:19Keurig is bringing back the single serve.

According to a blog post on the company’s website, it’s coming to markets such as Canada, the United States, Brazil, Chile, and the United Kingdom.

“This is a big change for Keurigs, and we are excited to bring it to the market as a new service that is built on top of the same technologies as our other single serve offerings, including the company-wide Wi-Fi network and cloud computing,” the company wrote in the blog post.

“We’ve been working with our customers to make this new service easier and more efficient to use, and as a result, this is a huge change to how we serve.”

Keurigs said that it will make its new single serving available to consumers in the U.S. and Canada in July.

It will be available for purchase in Canada beginning June 24, 2019, and in the rest of the world starting June 27, 2019.

The blog post does not say exactly how many customers it will serve in the United State and Canada, but the blog says that it plans to bring its single serve to “a few dozen U. S. markets by the end of 2019.”

The blog also did not say when KeurIG would be bringing its service to other markets.

The company says that its single serving is based on the technology that is used to power its existing single serve products, including Wi-FI and cloud services.

The single serve is also designed to be easier to manage, and there are no limits on how many of these servers you can have on your home network.