By Alex Toth and Brian Blau title Valve announces 10 new employees for cloud gaming company iis article The Seattle-based gaming giant has hired 10 people to work on its new gaming platform.

The news comes a day after Valve announced it has hired an additional two people to the company’s cloud gaming team, which has been busy since the start of this year to provide support for Steam and other services. 

Iis, which is owned by Valve, aims to offer a more open and secure gaming experience to the millions of gamers who use it every day.

Valve said in a blog post that the hiring was done to better align Iis’ leadership with its vision for the company.

“I will continue to listen to and engage with our community of users, developers, and service providers to deliver the best possible experience to our customers,” said Iis CEO Chris Wilson in a statement.

“The Iis team is extremely committed to delivering a great gaming experience and I look forward to helping bring this vision to life.”

Wilson said the hiring will give Iis more access to the services of its partners, and “bring more flexibility to the business and its users.”

Valve said that the new hires will be “driving innovation” on Iis and “providing our customers with the best service possible.”