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article Install a virtual computer using Windows PowerShell article How I configure a new machine to use the Windows 7 operating system?

article The installation of Windows 7 is based on a set of rules that have been published on the Windows Security Center (

To enable Windows 7 to run, the rules are applied automatically and the system will start automatically after a restart.

For Windows 8 and Windows 10, the system must be restarted first.

If Windows 10 is installed from scratch, the rule settings are applied and the operating system starts automatically after the restart.

After the system is restarted, the changes must be reverted manually by restarting the computer.

If the rules applied by the security center have not been changed, the operating systems will fail to boot and you will receive a message stating that you are unable to restart the computer: Unable to restart.

To correct this problem, use the following steps to set up a new system in the new environment: Start a new task manager.

Run the following command to create the new task group: Add-TaskGroupName TaskManager -Name “Windows” -ArgumentList “Windows 7” -Force -ComputerName “Microsoft” -GroupPolicyDescription “Disable User Account Policies” In the task group, set the default user account and group policy.

In the new computer, change the user account to “Administrator”.

Note The new computer will be started automatically when you restart the system.

To restart the old system, you must first install the new operating system.

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