Posted May 02, 2018 08:02:38An automated software tool that allows hackers to easily infiltrate and compromise servers running popular online games is being used to attack an entire industry.

The tools, called Soft Serve, is being deployed to attack websites and websites run by major publishers such as Disney Interactive, Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft and Valve, according to documents obtained by security firm FireEye.

The documents also show that Soft Serve has been used to compromise servers at major gaming companies including Electronic Arts and Zynga.

FireEye said it has uncovered Soft Serve’s code, which has been distributed to developers, and has analyzed it.

“Soft Serve is the next big thing in internet security, and it has the potential to be an industry killer,” said Brian Krebs, an author of the FireEye report.

Krebs said the malware has the capability to download the files and execute code on a server.

“It’s not just about installing malware,” Krebs said.

“If you’ve got a large network of servers, you can just take control of those servers and make a website a virus.”

The vulnerability is one of the biggest security breaches in recent memory, as the software exploits a vulnerability in the way the internet works.

FireEye said Soft Serve is a new version of the software called SoftX.

FireEmps software exploits vulnerabilities in the Internet Protocol (IP) protocol, a series of protocols that allows internet service providers to transmit data between computers on the same network.

FireEmps exploits the vulnerability by sending the IP packets from one computer to another without the client’s knowledge.

The vulnerabilities are widespread and are often exploited to create new and more advanced malware.

In March, a report from cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Lab found more than 500 instances of malicious software being deployed on the web.

The Kasperski report said the malicious software that was used in the attacks on the major companies had been used in a string of attacks against the World Wide Web.

FireStorm, a security firm that also identified the attacks, said SoftX could also be used to infect a server with an unknown virus or exploit.

Firestorm’s report also said the vulnerability has been fixed by Microsoft and its partners.

Soft Serve was created in 2009 by software engineer Peter Smith, and its developers have been involved in a series that has included several exploits of popular web browsers.

Firestorm’s FireStorm 4 report said Soft X was used to install the Trojan that was recently used to take control over the Internet of Things (IoT) device, according, according the FireEmbs report.

The Soft X software is based on a version of a popular open source project called OpenSSL, which is the encryption technology used by internet companies to encrypt traffic.

It was originally developed for Apple devices.

Fire emps is designed to use a unique technique called reverse engineered code, or reverse engineering, to steal a server’s encryption key.

It also uses a vulnerability to take over a machine, FireEmp said.

The code is distributed on the internet by various organizations.

Fireemps has targeted several websites that run on popular web servers including Facebook, Amazon, Google, Netflix, Netflix and others.

Fireemps was first used in 2016 to gain access to a server belonging to a video game company called Warner Bros. and installed an exploit in its code that allowed the malware to execute code.

Fire Emps then infected another game server and stole the data that allowed FireEmperys malware to install itself.

The exploits were later exploited by other malicious software, according FireEmms report.

Fire Storm, Kaspersker and FireEmpto said they have discovered more than 50 vulnerabilities in recent years that have been exploited to install malicious software.

The reports also said Microsoft, Microsoft, Adobe and other software makers had known about the vulnerabilities for years.

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