SAN FRANCISCO (AP) If you want to get a quick email or a Google Doc, you’ll have to make do with your own server.

Gmail and Google Doc are not part of the company’s smtp service anymore, so they won’t work.

Google says the smtp protocol is obsolete and the company is working to make them interoperable, but some users still aren’t happy about it.

Google says that the new smtp-server API is designed to be more robust than the older ones and that there are some caveats.

The API is not available to all smtp clients, and it is only supported by some servers, such as Gmail.

If you’re using Gmail, for example, you should use the new API.

But for other services, including Facebook, Google’s smtplib, and others, you may want to use the older APIs that rely on the older smtp protocols, such to connect to Gmail’s server.

Some services that support older smtps will continue to work as before, but other services may not.

If you are still using older smtmptp protocols, you might need to manually change your smtp settings to use them.

For example, Gmail’s smtmplib configuration might look like this: smtpServerName localhost smtpdServerName smtpUserName ‘admin’ smtptag ‘mymail’ smtpPort 80 If you use Gmail’s old smtp configuration, you will need to change your settings to make sure you connect to the correct server.

For example, if you’re on a domain with multiple domains, you would set smtpEnabled to true.

If you don’t have a Gmail server, you can check out our guide to setting up your own Gmail server.

If the old smtphp protocol is still your preferred protocol, you’re still in luck: You can still get a smtp session using the old protocol, as long as you have the correct permissions.

This story was updated at 2:27 p.m.

PT to include a statement from Google.

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