President Donald Trump’s administration is saying that Twitter is “very clear” that it would not be allowed to block accounts belonging to him and his administration, despite the fact that Twitter said last week that it had not yet made that decision.

In a statement Wednesday, the Trump administration said that “Twitter cannot be used as a platform to undermine a democratically elected president.”

The statement was issued at the beginning of an investigation into whether Twitter should be blocked by the U.S. government, and came a day after Twitter announced that it was banning more than 300,000 accounts with the word “Trump” in their names.

The U.K.-based social network had said earlier this month that it intended to ban about 200,000 Trump accounts in a single day.

Trump, who has repeatedly claimed that he is under investigation by the FBI, said in a tweet Tuesday that the FBI had asked for “some time” to review “any evidence” that would support its request for Twitter to block certain accounts.

Twitter has been under scrutiny in recent months over allegations that the social media giant has allowed Trump’s Twitter account to remain active even after he was fired by Trump.

The Justice Department has already said that Twitter’s blocking policy would not apply to accounts belonging “to individuals who are subject to an injunction or subpoena.”

Twitter said in May that it plans to suspend accounts associated with the Trump Administration, but the company did not specify how many.

“We will not block accounts based on political content or comments,” Twitter said at the time.

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