“The biggest news in the football world,” said Italian football daily La Repubblica on Monday.

“The Italian football team is not only the biggest, but also the biggest on the planet.”

The Serie A title race has been marred by injuries, suspensions, suspensions and suspensions of players and coaches.

The title race is still going strong in the second half of the season with a return to the Champions League.

The league table for the second-half of the year shows the Serie A top four teams as the top four: Inter, Roma, Napoli and Lazio.

“I think that the top teams are now on a very strong position.

They are now in the best position to challenge for the title,” said Mario Balotelli, the striker who was in the news again in a different context.

The top four have not won the Champions league since 2013.

Inter have been crowned champions two years in a row and have been the best team in Serie A for the last three years.

“Lazio have been in a strong position since the start of the campaign and the coach, Giorgio Chiellini, has been able to keep them together for the entire season,” said Milan’s head coach Stefano Pioli.

Inter have won the Italian title three times.

They have won it four times in the last four seasons, winning it three times in a four-year span.

The Serie B champions are in a similar situation.

They were the top team in the top division last season, but have been eliminated by Inter in the Champions’ League final in 2018.

“This season, we are the champions of the league.

This season is different because we have to be the champion, because of our own performance.

This is our year, because we will have to win the title in the league,” said Lazio’s Andrea Pirlo, who has scored 11 goals in 12 games.

Napoli have won four of their last five league matches and are currently in the Europa League, where they are battling for the Europa spots.

They will have an uphill battle in the next three matches to finish third.

“It is a difficult season for us.

We are the team who are not satisfied with the position in the table.

We have to continue to improve,” said Napoli’s Mario Baletto, who scored a hat-trick in the 3-2 win over AC Milan in the Serie B final on Sunday.”

We have to play in the same way as we did last season and this season, when the season is not over, we have a chance to win it,” added Lazio goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon, who conceded a late goal against Milan.”

At the moment, we know we have two games to play.

We can still win it, we just have to do our best and hope for the best,” said BaletTO.

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