We asked users for their opinions on which iOS app is the most popular and which one they prefer for sharing video content.

While Apple and Netflix have been dominating the video sharing charts for the past few years, the Android video sharing app was the most dominant choice for most people, according to data from The NPD Group.

The most popular app for sharing videos on Facebook and YouTube was Snapchat.

While the app was used by more than 50% of Facebook users, Snapchat was used on more than 40% of YouTube users.

Snapchat also had the highest video views per day at 10.4 million.

Snapchat’s app also has the lowest average time spent on the app compared to other social platforms, at 2.9 minutes per day.

The only social video app that came close to Snapchat’s performance was Vimeo.

It’s been around for years, and its videos have more than 6 million views.

Vimeo, on the other hand, has had a bit of a rocky history with its videos.

While its videos are still popular, it has been struggling with its video monetization model.

In 2018, Vimeo launched a “zero-tolerance policy” for videos that infringe on its copyright.

The video monetizing platform said it was taking down videos for up to 30 days if they were not paid.

The company is also facing a number of legal threats, including lawsuits from copyright holders and YouTube.

According to the NPD, Snapchat’s YouTube channel had 1.2 million subscribers as of September 2018.

It has also been accused of using its app to promote fraudulent sales.

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