A new software development toolkit that enables the fast development and deployment of desktop and mobile applications has been released by the Australian Government.

The software, called Apache web server, is part of the Apache Enterprise Edition (AEE) which is being rolled out to Government agencies in Australia.

Apache Enterprise Edition enables organisations to create, run, and manage a web application on their own and to access applications and resources via the internet, which in turn enables them to connect to the cloud.

“We’ve developed the software to enable organisations to make the leap from their own web server to a cloud-based web application that can scale and manage the application in the cloud,” said Adrian Nardelli, Chief Executive of the Australian Telecommunications Alliance (ATAC).

“The Apache Enterprise Version is a fully-featured suite of tools for cloud computing and the infrastructure that enables it, so that organisations can take advantage of the best cloud solutions at scale.”

The software has been tested by Australian Government agencies and companies to see if they can scale up their applications, as well as see how easy it is to deploy to cloud environments.

It also has been used to test new technologies such as Apache Hadoop and Hadoops for Data Science, and to test a variety of software products such as web browsers, Java, and OpenShift.

Apixium has also worked with the Australian National University to help organisations improve their software development.”AAPIs are a great way to get things done and build great applications, and we are excited to see Apache Enterprise being used by Australian agencies,” said Alex Jones, the executive director of the National University of Australia’s Centre for Computing and Technology, in a statement.

“Apixia is a fantastic way to develop, deploy, and test software for government applications, which is an essential requirement in the 21st century.”

Apixius web server is available to download from Apache’s website.

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