I started off by using a DNS server that is registered with ntp, a free DNS service that’s available for many popular platforms such as Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, MacOS, and Windows Phone.

The ntp.conf file is located in the /etc/ntp/ directory and specifies the DNS server to use.

The script that we wrote for the example uses the default ntp service and uses the domain name www.example.com.

The output from the script looks like this: Name: www.mydomain.com Server: ntp-dns-server (dns server with IP address Hostname: www Hostname Suffix: www DNS Server: 192.16.0:10.0 Port: 80 User: root Username: root Password: root Session ID: 1023 Timeout: 60 User: wwwdns (dNS server with DNS settings of 10.0.)

User: me (domain owner) Password: me Session ID 1023 User: user (domain administrator) Password.domain_password Session ID 511 Session ID 1112 User: mydomain (Domain Administrator) Password (Domain Administrators have access to a password protected version of the domain).

To test the output of the script, open up a terminal window and type the following command: ls /etc/.ntp/.NTPServerName/NTPServers/mydomain/sessions.log to see the output.

This output shows that there are a total of 13 sessions in the log.

The first 10 sessions were created by ntp on January 11, 2010.

I’ve also found that you can run ntp logs to get a list of all the connections made by your DNS server and then use the output to troubleshoot.

Let’s start with the ntp log that we created earlier:  2015-01-21 21:02:31.049  [main] Started ntp connection on 192.18.0 .

 ”  The first line of this log indicates that the DNS name used for the ntpd service is 192.188.0 and the IP address used is 192,188.

We then see that we are running the nttpd command, which is the same command that we use when we create a domain.

If you open the log file and try to run it, it will fail because the name for the domain has been changed to www.domain.org.

To fix this, you can open the nrtpd log file that is stored in /etc and add a line such as the following:  dns.name=www.myserver.com  If you open up nrtdd, you’ll notice that the name of the DNS Server has been set to myserver.net.

To get the domain administrator password, you will need to change the password in the nftpd file as well.

Once you’ve changed the password for the password, open a new nrtd session and then log in to that session with the domain password and change the domain to www and then restart the nktpd service.

If you try to connect to the DNS servers manually, you should see a message similar to the following in the status bar:

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